Two links highlight the problems of robo-signing in credit card lawsuits.  They also give good outlines on the problems many of these cases possess.

Fox Business on credit card cases, robo-signing, and credit card lawsuits

Fox Business has an article on the problems of Robosigning in credit card lawsuits.  You can read the article here.

The article gives a general outline of the problems that exist in most third-party debt collection lawsuits brought by junk debt buyers.

California Attorney General sues JPMorgan Chase over credit card debt collection, robo-signing, sewer service, and more

The California Attorney General is also getting into the act.  She has sued JPMorgan Chase over their debt collection practices.  While the issues are different in JPMorgan Chase’s cases—because they’re probably the original creditor—it still outlines the abuses of the system and how debt collection firms file lawsuits without the required proof.

These things happen in Georgia.

I see them all the time.

Affidavits are not sufficient under Georgia law to prove a debt.  They can only be used to overcome hearsay objections to the business records—statements, contracts, cardmember agreements—that the Plaintiffs try to introduce.  And even then, those affidavits must comply with O.C.G.A. § 24-9-902(11)’s notice requirements.

Experienced credit card lawsuit attorneys can help

If you’ve been sued over credit card debt, contact an experienced credit card lawsuit attorney.  An experienced credit card lawsuit attorney knows what to look for, how to quickly evaluate your case, and knows where the weaknesses exist.

So contact me today, or contact someone else.  But get representation!

After all, both of the above articles discuss how people are bullied by debt collectors in these lawsuits and do not have adequate legal representation.

If you hire an experienced credit card lawsuit attorney then you will have a better chance.  Period.

We can get cases dismissed in some cases, and we can negotiate down balances and payments in other cases.