Evaluations can be done over the phone

Most of my clients prefer to do an evaluation over the phone.  This is fine.  I will need to obtain certain information and get copies of certain documents from you, but otherwise we can discuss your options on the phone.  I can even sign you up by emailing you a retainer agreement if you choose to hire me.

Evaluations can be done over email

Many clients also choose to have an evaluation done by email.  This is fine as well.  As long as you can get me copies of your documents, I can evaluate your case and provide you options to consider.  If you choose to hire me I can email you the retainer agreement.

Evaluations can be done in person

If you prefer to meet in person, then this is fine as well.  I have multiple offices in which I can meet you.  This includes Duluth, Buckhead, and Peachtree Corners locations.  Call or email me for more information on these locations.

What you need to bring

I need to see the Complaint filed against you, as well as any exhibits or other documents attached to the Complaint.  If you have already answered, I need any other documents filed with the court by either side.  I need any and all attachments.

What to expect

I should be able to tell you the following;

  1. Have I dealt with the Plaintiff?
  2. Have I dealt with the Plaintiff’s lawyers?
  3. Are they a third-party buyer or an original creditor?
  4. Whether I advise fighting the lawsuit or negotiating a settlement

I cannot promise you any specific result.  I may be able to give you an idea of what I have seen in the past, but that doesn’t mean the Plaintiff will do something different this time.

If a lawyer does promise you a specific result, then run away.  Seriously.  No lawyer should believe they can tell the future.  Unless they truly can.  Then again, if I could tell the future, then I would be playing the lottery and not doing this lawyering thing.

Contact me if you wish to speak to an experienced credit card lawsuit attorney.  And good luck, no matter what, on your case!