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Fighting Credit Card Lawsuits—A Quick Guide To Magistrate Court

So you’ve been sued over a credit card debt.  Maybe the original creditor—the bank, such as Discover Bank, American Express, Bank of America, or Capital One—is suing you.  Maybe a debt buyer is suing you—such as Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, LVNV, CACH, Cavalry SPV, Unifund CCR, Asset Acceptance. So now what? Answer Within 30 Days of […]

Fighting Garnishments—A Guide to Georgia Garnishments and Traverses

What is a garnishment? A garnishment is one way someone with a judgment against you can collect a debt.  The court directs a third party—such as your employer or your bank—to hand over your property (usually your money or wages) to a plaintiff who obtained a judgment against you. A garnishment is not a new […]

How to Answer a Credit Card Lawsuit in Magistrate Court in Georgia

This is a quick-and-dirty post on how to Answer a credit card lawsuit in Magistrate Court in Georgia.  This other post has more information on Answering credit card lawsuits, including State and Superior Court lawsuits, as well as example files — How to Answer a Georgia Credit Card Lawsuit. Do the Following When Answering A […]

Credit card lawsuit case evaluations — What to expect and what you need to provide

Evaluations can be done over the phone Most of my clients prefer to do an evaluation over the phone.  This is fine.  I will need to obtain certain information and get copies of certain documents from you, but otherwise we can discuss your options on the phone.  I can even sign you up by emailing […]

Robo-signing in credit card lawsuits—it’s not just happening in foreclosures

Two links highlight the problems of robo-signing in credit card lawsuits.  They also give good outlines on the problems many of these cases possess. Fox Business on credit card cases, robo-signing, and credit card lawsuits Fox Business has an article on the problems of Robosigning in credit card lawsuits.  You can read the article here. […]

Discovery in a Georgia credit card lawsuit

Credit card lawsuits in Georgia’s State and Superior Courts allow parties to ask each other questions, request documents, and even demand the other side admit or deny something specific. This is called Discovery. Discovery is also why defending a credit card case is more expensive in State or Superior court than it is in Magistrate […]

Problems with credit card lawsuits in Georgia and the Nation—you are not alone!

Many clients and potential clients I speak with cannot believe the ordeal they are being put through in a Georgia credit card lawsuit.  They cannot believe the credit card companies, or third party debt collectors, would sue them without the paperwork they need.  To all of them I say—”You are not alone!” Georgia credit card […]

What is a motion for summary judgment in a credit card lawsuit, and what do I do?

Lawsuits can be broken into three main stages where a judgment can be issued against you (or for you). Initial pleading stage. (This is the Complaint and Answer stage.) Discovery and summary judgment stage. (Does not apply to Magistrate court cases.) Trial stage. Quick Magistrate Court Info Magistrate courts only have stages 1 and 2. […]

Who is suing me in a Georgia Credit Card Lawsuit?

Many times I get calls from potential clients who say they’re being sued in a credit card lawsuit.  When I ask who is suing them, they often name a law firm.  “It’s Hanna & Associates,” or “Greene & Cooper is suing me.” While it is important for me to know what law firm is handling […]

Debt collectors don’t need a signed contract to prove a credit card lawsuit

I often have clients ask me if a debt collector has to show a signed contract in a credit card lawsuit case. “I don’t remember signing anything!” they tell me.  Then they ask “It’s not a contract if it wasn’t signed, right?” Wrong. A contract can exist even if you don’t sign anything. In fact, […]